Safety cannot be compromised. We protect both our Clients and our Workforce.

We are devoted to creating safe workplaces as a high priority, not only because it is required but also vital to employees’ and employers’ wellbeing. We want you and your families to feel safe each and every day.

 We want all our Clients and Workforce to have a healthy working environment. For our Clients, this equals productivity. For our employees, it creates engagement and determination by feeling valued.

We have a Safety Management System in place to ensure that both risks and Lost Time Injuries are minimised. We check that the correct PPE is being worn at all times, and our rigorous employee induction outlines correct workplace safety procedures in all work placements.

Our Safety Actions

Remaining safe throughout your workforce placement is paramount. We are in regular contact with our clients and their workplaces to ensure they are fully compliant.

If you feel unsafe or identify workplace hazards at any time, you need to stop all work and report any risk to us immediately.

We are careful where and who we place you with.

Your safety matters to us

Safety is our focus. Budget Workforce have procedures in place that:

  • Prevent Illness and Injury within the Workplace
  • Reduce Safety Hazards
  • Prevent Serious Injuries/Consequences and the cost of Workers’ Compensation
  • Retain a productive and willing Workforce

We undergo the following safety/assessments checks and procedures prior to and during any Workforce placement:


Candidates are Fully Vetted

We check that all our candidates have all the right qualifications to complete your job. This means that you are assigned with a ‘good fit’ employee that will fit in with you and your company’s culture.


Wellness Check

All our workers are to undergo a physical examination before commencing work, to ensure that they are fit and healthy before they start their jobs. This allows management to identify of any previous or ongoing injuries/medical issues prior to working.


Incident Reporting

All incidents must be reported immediately to the relevant personnel to identify the hazard so we can carry out a workplace risk assessment.


On-Site Visits

Sites will be visited regularly to ensure our workers are safe, and the places they are working at are compliant according to Safety Regulations.


Safety Talks

We check-in and have ‘Safety Talks’ with our Clients to confirm our workers adhere to their Safety Policies/Procedures and are wearing the correct PPE.


Need to know more about Safety?

Our friendly team is waiting to talk to you about how and why Safety is essential to us and how we can assist you.

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